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GU: We are not alone is a fable about the role humans play in climate change.  

The Earth is a wonderful place full of colour, home to many different species including humans, who care for and respect the environment.


Then one day, they start building chimneys. The chimneys make them more and more rich, until they start to believe that with money, they can do anything.


However, the only thing they will really achieve, is a colourless world.


Performers: Asier Sota, Julen Vega, Imanol Espinazo and Hannah Berry.

Directed by: Anartz Zuazua.

Duration: 50 minutes.

Age: +5.

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Borobil october 2017
    18.10.17             Urnieta                   Fuera de juego             20:00     Artes Escénicas Sarobe
    21.10.17                  Sangüesa                     Fuera de juego             20:00     Auditorio El Carmen
    28.10.17             Falces                   Fuera de juego             20:00     Centro Cívico Pedro Iturralde